User-friendly Website

The Most Importan Elements Of Your Website: Are You Up To Par On Them?

Nearly every business needs a website, but if the site doesn’t cover the most important elements of web design and search engine optimization, that may do more harm than good for the business. Represent your business well by incorporating the most important elements of good web design. Here’s how:

Make Your Site Very User Friendly

You could have the most amazing looking site on the web, with fancy features and beautiful graphics, but if people can’t figure out how to use it right away (within the first 4 seconds, according to Google research), they’re going to leave. Make your site as easy to use and understand as you possibly can.

Emphasize The Value Of Your Products

Your website should immediately tell people what your business is about and give them good reasons to stay there, whether they are looking to buy something or just learn something. Make the purpose clear and let your readers know right away that you offer something valuable to them.

Use A Site Map To Guide Users (And Search Engines)

A site map is one of the most important features of good web design, because it acts as a road map right through your site, from the front page to the last page. Your readers can use the site map to quickly find anything, and the spiders that crawl your site on behalf of all the major search engines will also know what your site is all about, which empowers them to show you off during user searches properly.

Make Sure Your Pages Load Quickly

One of the more challenging aspects of good website design and search engine optimization isĀ page load speed: You build a beautiful, highly functional site that has everything your business needs to shine, but it’s too heavy or improperly configured to load as quickly as you need it to. If you think your site is too slow, visit a site that will evaluate the speed of it, then offer you helpful recommendations on what you can do to speed it up. Hopefully without losing a lot of the appeal and function you worked so hard to put on the site to begin with.

See That Everything On The Site Functions Properly

Many sites have buttons that do nothing and links that lead nowhere. While it’s hard to track down everything that doesn’t function as intended on a site, it’s essential for both your viewership and success with the search engines. Even after you’ve gone through all the pages of your site, checking form and function, have a second set of eyes look it over, too, to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Every element of every page should do exactly as it’s suppose to, or visitors will leave in frustration and search engines may penalize you for the technical inadequacies.

Good web design can mean the difference between a viewer becoming a loyal customer or walking away from your business forever. Don’t let even one get away – incorporate all the important elements of good web design into your site and it will make a major difference in how people respond to you.