Dedication to our Clients

It would be our pleasure to serve everyone who requests our SEO consulting services but like all businesses we have a finite number of resources to dedicate to our clientele. We restrict the number of approved applicants each month to ensure we complete our due diligence for every SEO project. We use a set of standard criteria to help us analyze and identify all client businesses and we hand-select those compatible with our team.

Here are a few standards we’ve set defining whom and whom we do not work with:

  1. Established – We work with businesses that have consistent traffic and are motivated to become a premier company in their industry. Your business must be present in your market, must be making sales and promoting your products or services.
  2. Reputable – Word of mouth (and text) travels fast, especially with social media. We only work with respectable businesses that provide the high quality products and services to their customers.
  3. We DO NOT work with:
    • Adult Material
    • Get Rich Quick Schemes

If your business passed these simple criteria and you would like to inquire about our search engine optimization services, we will gladly set time aside that is compatible with your schedule to discuss your business.

Before you schedule an appointment we need you to fill out our discovery form below.

Our discovery form is essential for our team to understand your business. Answering a few standard questions will allow us to maximize your time during our scheduled phone consultation. We need to know what you are selling, what are your offers, and how your products are being promoted. We need to understand where your business currently stands and your goals for the future. We will complete our due diligence on every response to create a personalized action plan and a Discovery Analysis Video regarding your website. Our strategies have helped other businesses generate hundreds of thousands in revenue and we hope your business can be next!

After completing the discovery form you will receive a confirmation email with the information you provided and we will begin working on the video analysis of your website. Once the video is complete, we’ll send it to you and set up a time to discuss. Our appointment will run between 45 to 60 minutes.

Welcome to Alex Furfaro SEO Consulting and talk to you soon!

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