Dedication to our Clients

Digital marketing can be difficult and time-consuming but are some of the most effective marketing strategies that can gain you customers for years to come.

We work with one client per industry per city to avoid conflicts of interest between our clients.

We use a set of standard criteria to help us analyze and identify all client businesses and we hand-select those compatible with our team.

Here are a few standards we’ve set defining whom and whom we do not work with:

  1. Partners – We work with businesses, new and old, that are motivated to grow their business long-term, not those that jump to the next shiny object.
  2. Reputable – Word of mouth (and text) travels fast, especially with social media. We work with reputable businesses that have customers in their best interests.
  3. We DO NOT work with:
    • Adult Material
    • Get Rich Quick Schemes


Before we schedule an appointment, we need you to answer a few standard questions that will allow us to maximize your time during our scheduled phone consultation and help us understand your business.

Please fill out our form below and we will complete our due diligence. We’ll create a personalized marketing action plan and a Video Analysis describing areas of improvement for your business.

Our strategies have helped other businesses generate hundreds of hundreds of thousands in revenue and we hope your business can be next!


Welcome to Alex Furfaro SEO Consulting and talk to you soon!

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