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Single Location – Service Area Business

I started working with Elite Pest and Termite Control at the end of 2020. They came to me looking for SEO help as they were starting their business and needed to get phone calls/leads.

The site they built was on Godaddy website builder and right away I recommended moving off of it because GWB is awful. We switched them over to WordPress, built out pages targeting various types of pest control and locations. As of today, the most trafficked pages on their website are the new pages we built during their first few months.

They currently (12-22-22) outrank Terminx and Orkin for Commercial keywords and are in the top 10 in 6 different suburbs around the Central Ohio area. We are soon opening a location inside the Columbus city limits which will drastically increase the Columbus rankings.

In addition to website traffic, their Google Business Profile went from ~12 calls per month to hitting 101 calls in August of 2022 and has only dipped below 40 calls/month once since March of 2021 (20 months ago).

Per our Local Falcon tool, their business service area is nearly 10 miles, reaching from as far north as Johnstown south to Baltimore and Buckeye Lake.

SEO Client - Elite Pest and Termite Service area from local falcon

This is a TEN MILE radius scan for pest control east of Columbus where Elite owns most top 3 positions. Note that distance is one of the biggest ranking factors in maps so the closer you get to big cities, the more likely competitors are going to show up.

Massage Therapy SEO Client

Single Location – Brick and Mortar Business

I met Susan back in 2016 and worked on her site, getting it very highly in the search results outranking local massage franchises and other private companies. When she wanted to redesign the website with Devan (first seen in the video), she gave me a call and I was more than happy to help.

Maintaining rankings through a redesign can be extremely complex and difficult and often rankings are lost because of a poor SEO strategy. With my help, Thrive never saw a dip in their rankings that I’d previously help them achieve.

Thrive Massage and Wellness currently (12-22-22) ranks in the Top 10 in Columbus for  105 massage-related keywords excluding their brand and 57 in the Top 5.

SEO Client - Thrive massage and wellness 105 to 10 keywords

B2B and B2C Businesses

Guy owns Commprise and Tech to Us, 2 technology companies in Hartford, CT – one B2B and one B2C. I worked on both of his websites.

When I started working on Commprise, it was ranking for 1 keyword – the company name. We targeted local SEO-related keywords and were able to get him into the Top 3 for various managed IT keywords. They were limited considering the size/population of the city his business is in, but that is out of my control. We did have conversations about expanding into a multi-location business but the company decided against that strategy considering commute times as their technicians would be traveling to perform their B2B services and the cities with search volume were too far away.

I also worked on the Tech to us website. At the current moment (12-22-22) they are the #1 ranking company for antivirus and virus tech support keywords. These are highly valuable keywords that if people are searching, they are very likely to buy their services. They are also in the top 10 for various email, windows computer support, apple mac support, and general computer tech support type keywords, all geared toward the B2C market.

Multiple Client Referrals

Video testimonial from Alex Bell, a content marketer I met in Columbus in 2018 at Startup Week.

Alex Bell and I have worked on 3 different projects together for his clients (Commprise/TechtoUs being one of them) in addition to more outside consulting and SEO recommendations on various other websites he’s worked on including some local SEO, app company websites, eCommerce, and Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

Visit our Google My Business and  Linkedin profile page with written testimonials from CEOs and business owners whom we’ve worked with in the past. Feel free to connect with us to be added as a contact.  Below are a few example of what others are saying about our business and examples of my rankings.

Here is a Multi-location SEO Case Study of results we achieved for one of our clients in the legal industry

A testimonial from Anthony Fiorani of Rebellion SEO.
LinkedIn Recommendation - Nabil Jalil
LinkedIn Recommendation - Jason Ty Matthew Francis
A testimonial from Cory Rentas of The Silver Koi Fish.
LinkedIn Recommendation - Caleb Rodgers
A testimonial from Alan Robertson of Ascendant Search Marketing
LinkedIn Recommendation - Lemichael Dotson

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