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  1. SEO Client Overview and Scope
  2. Results
  3. Return on SEO Investment
  4. SEO Tasks Completed
  5. Sample Backlink Metrics

SEO Client Overview and Scope

This client has a 26-location single-operator consulting business in a small subset of the Legal niche. We were scoped to focus on two locations in particular that had the most search volume. Other locations had under 50 searches a month so large rankings increases in those cities would hardly reflect changes in overall traffic.

On-page optimization was previously completed by another company and was average to above average. Most keywords were mid-page 2 or bottom of page 1. These ranking positions are typically an indication of poor meta titles/descriptions, poor use of H-tag headings, and overall lack of authority to the location pages themselves.

In our preliminary client meeting, the client said, “my other company told me to do the backlink building myself.” That quickly became our primary focus, to power up the two location pages.

  1. Winter months are the clients slowest months of which occurred for 3 of the 6 months.
  2. Per the Legal niche, in general, and conversations with the client, their industry is very call-heavy.

Both of these points would account for lower than average click volumes in the search results and higher than average calls via Google My Business.

Call tracking was recommended at the beginning of the project but was not implemented.


ahrefs rankings increases after 6 monthsAhrefs visibility report for multi-location business case study

Ahrefs Ranking Tracking: 95 Tracked Keywords:

SERP Features = +13

Rankings = +15 terms positions 1-3

Visibility = +1.65%

Average Position = +5.79

Organic Traffic = +125


We are still yet to see the biggest jump in traffic from our two primary locations.

Locations 1 started at #8 and is now ranked #4. Location 2 started at rank #9 and is now ranked #3.

Ahrefs rank tracking for case study moving location 1 from 8 to 4 and location 2 from 9 to 3.


Ahrefs changes to Homepage metrics:

DR = +2

UR = +3

Backlinks = +60

Referring Domains = +50

Organic Keywords = +200

Organic Traffic = +184

Traffic Value = +$2800 (+78%)

ahrefs site explorer metrics 6 month comparison

Actual Client Data from Google Search Console:

6 Months SEO vs Previous 6 Months

Clicks = +1600 (+27%)

Impressions = +185,000 (+86%)

Average CTR = -0.9%

Average Position = -5.2%

Keywords = Search Console caps keywords at 1,000. Cannot show increase.

Google Search Console metrics comparing 6 months and previous 6 months

Typically when new search terms are added to Search Console, they are ranking below page 1 and likely below page 3. This lowers the “Average position” and will decrease the “Average CTR.” These two “negative” changes were expected as we grow your keyword footprint in the search engines.

Return on SEO Investment

All of these fancy SEO numbers are important, but what it really comes down to for a business owner is the return on their investment in search engine optimization. This is a common question we get about SEO so we wanted to make sure we addressed it here in regards to these statistics.

We’re not going to share the exact dollars of investment for this business, but it only takes 1 sale to pay for their SEO. As expected, the legal industry has a very high dollar per sale ratio. From the client’s Google Analytics account and call tracking (heavy call volume), we know the conversion rate on this website is 2.4%, which is above the industry standards of 2%. We’ll use 2% to be conservative.

From the Search Console screenshots above, we’ve increased traffic by 1,600 visits over the last 6 months. Multiplying that by the conversion rate, we get 32 ADDITIONAL sales during the SEO campaign.

32 sales / 6 months of SEO = 5.33 times Return on SEO Investment.

That is as of this moment writing this post. This does not take into account

  1. Future ranking increases
  2. A time in the future where he is no longer paying for SEO and rankings are maintained (zero dollars spent but sales gained from SEO).

SEO Tasks Completed

On-page Optimization

  • Fixed SSL and “unsecure” warning.
  • Updated page titles for better optimization
  • Added or re-wrote meta titles and descriptions for optimization and conversion – 49 pages including 26 location landing pages.
  • Cleaned up and optimized the use of H-tag Headings
  • Added local business schema to 2 target locations
  • Add minor interlinking between relevant pages

Off-page Optimization

  • Fixed Google My Business issues and location page data for all 26 locations
  • Cleaned up and/or add 50 business directories for 2 locations
  • Built social profiles for 2 locations – FB, Twitter, etc…
  • Completed a total of 66 Guest Posts
  • Homepage – 29
  • Location 1 – 29
  • Location 2 – 8

Sample Backlink Metrics of Acquired Links

sample 1 of ahrefs link metrics for multi-location case studysample 2 of ahrefs link metrics for multi-location case study

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