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How We Serve Our Pittsburgh Companies

SEO Revenue Analysis

We examine your business, website, and rankings. Using keyword analysis, our team identifies the number of additional monthly customers you will receive by boosting your rankings with search engine optimization.

Strategic Ranking

We put our SEO expertise into action by performing and checking over 100 SEO tasks to ensure we’ve covered all of our bases. We use a variety of on-page SEO techniques and off-page factors like Google My Business, local business listings, social platforms, and link outreach. These strategies will help you achieve high page 1 rankings and ensure your company website receives the most clicks.


Our services will be a catalyst for growth. Ranking at the top of Google will drive more customers to your business website allowing you to refocus your energy on your company. With a pipeline for client acquisition, you can confidently set business goals knowing Google will provide you with a continuous stream of new customers.

Pittsburgh Partners

Our business relationship goes beyond ranking your website. Alex Furfaro SEO Consulting prides itself on understanding your goals and helping you achieve them. Any questions you have we’ll provide you a detailed response or we can direct you to an associate if the knowledge outside our SEO industry expertise.

Continuing Education

Our Pittsburgh SEO company is always at the forefront of education for search engine optimization. We are part of mastermind groups that are constantly testing cutting-edge SEO techniques adapting to the ever-changing Google algorithm. The cumulative education of our company and associates ensures we’ll always stay ahead of the curve and be among the best SEO’s in the world. Continuing education is paramount for our success.

No Hassle Contracts

Our Pittsburgh SEO services were acquired for one reason, deliver results. Month to month contracts allow you to cancel our services any time you are not satisfied with your rankings.


SEO is confusing to most people but we simplify it so anyone can understand. Many companies will have a “proprietary SEO process,” but in reality, 99% of SEO can already be found online. So what’s there to hide?

Our business clients stay informed with detailed monthly SEO reports and ranking updates.

We’re transparent about everything we do. Your SEO report will contain:

  • Organic SEO traffic reporting from Google Search Console and Analytics
  • Website On-page optimization updates
  • Every directory profile submitted
  • Every backlink obtained
  • Screenshot proof of backlink metrics for full transparency
  • Schema code implemented for SEO

Best of all, we’ll record videos explaining the processes of our SEO services, helping you understand WHY strategies benefit your company website and Pittsburgh business.

Tips For Keyword Analysis – SEO Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you want your business to show up on page one for a local Pittsburgh term, the number one thing you want to start looking at is your keywords as soon as you get the chance and that is something people will drill into your head immediately.

SEO in Pittsburgh is all about keywords, and you will realize this when the campaign goes up.

The goal is to make sure you are aware of what to analyze when it comes to your site and its keywords. You want to get things spot on and you will as long as these tips are used. Maximize these tips, so your Pittsburgh SEO Services campaigns are a blast and work well.

1) Understand User Intent

You want to think about user intent as that is going to determine what they are searching for and what type of user comes to your site in the end.

For example, if you are selling SEO services, you want to rank for a keyword such as “Pittsburgh SEO Expert” because that shows someone who is ready to find an seo expert in that industry. They are going to inquire as soon as they click through without you having to convince them.

This is the best type of user, but you need to rank for the right keywords first.

2) Aim For Long-tail Keyword Variations

Your analysis has to look into long-tail variations where there are at least 4-5 words in the keyword. This is going to help because you are going to have a far easier time ranking. The main thing to do in a situation such as this is to make sure you are targeting a plethora of keywords, not just one or two.

You want to do this at the same time so you can get a read on what is working and what is not working for Pittsburgh SEO Consultants whom are doing work locally..

If you do this at the same time, you are never going to be left out of the loop when it comes to your site and its SEO.

3) Use Detailed Keywording Tracking

You want to make sure keyword analysis isn’t only about research because that is just the beginning. You want to see how things rank and where your keywords are when it comes to the site’s position on Google or Bing. If not, you are going to be throwing up random keywords that might work or might not.

How will you ever know if they are working?

You want to track these keywords and use things such as Google Analytics and Search Console to do so. It will help get things in place the way you want.

Now, you are going to see things change over time and that is standard with Pittsburgh SEO campaigns. You are going to see keywords do well and then plummet or vice versa. You are going to realize it is not about finding a gem but making sure you have an SEO process in place to analyze everything.

As long as you have the process, you are going to keep hitting those targets you have in mind even if one keyword slips.

Choosing a reliable Pittsburgh SEO Company

Our Pittsburgh SEO Agency has the repeatable systems in place and to churn out great campaigns that will keep your website ranking for long periods of time and continually drive organic Pittsburgh visitors to your website.


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