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Multi-location SEO is the cream of the crop. There’s dozens of benefits of why having a multi-location website is better:

  • More physical addresses and GMB’s
  • More high authority citations
  • More anchor text diversity
  • More interlinking
  • More keywords
  • More local traffic

The list goes on but the #1 bonus – you get more out of every link you build. Links cost the same whether you have 1 location or 10.

Structuring your website properly, interlinking, and implementing a great link building strategy will bring up ALL OF YOUR LOCATIONs, instead of only 1.

Granted, competition is different in every location and 1 location budget does not equal 10 location budget, but it’s not 10x.

Find out where you’re business stands today and see the potential growth you could see in the future.

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