Columbus – Landmarks

Columbus, Ohio is full of great landmarks to visit while you’re vacationing there. You might not think about Columbus when you think about the largest cities in America, but it’s #15 on the list. Have you ever been to Ohio? There are other big cities in the state as well but Columbus is the largest. If you’re going to pay a visit to the beautiful state of Ohio and enjoy time in Columbus, then check out these landmark attractions.

Ohio is a big football state, as you might know. Go Buckeyes! If you’re going to be in Columbus, then you need to visit Ohio Stadium. That will be your first sports fix, and it’s a great landmark attraction to start with.

Next up, you’re in for a treat with the German Village. It’s the #3 ranked landmark in Columbus, and you get to take in quite a bit of history while having fun touring the village.

It is such a beautiful day here in #GermanVillage!

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The Easton Town Center is actually the top-ranked landmark attraction, and I hope you’re building a list. These are definitely places that other people have enjoyed the most while vacationing in Columbus. Do you like the arts? The Short North Arts District is another great attraction that sounds like fun.


Nationwide Arena is another great Columbus attraction and landmark. Reviewers talk about enjoying concerts there, so you might want to look at tickets beforehand if you want to get up close and personal with Nationwide Arena. Another landmark attraction you want to visit is Ohio State University. It’s one of the best universities in the country. Again, go Buckeyes!

Now, I told you that Ohio Stadium wouldn’t be your only sports fix when it comes to landmark attractions in Columbus. There is also Mapfre Stadium, where you can definitely enjoy a good game. If you’re not familiar, this is where you’re going to catch some soccer. There is also the Value Center Arena, and this is part of the Jerome Schottenstein Center.

When you think of landmarks, you also think of statues and the traditional landmarks if you will. That’s why you’ll want to pay a visit to the world’s largest gavel, which resides in Columbus. It’s different and unique, and you’ll want to definitely get a good picture of it while you’re there. By the way, one of the best landmark attractions that Columbus has to offer is its downtown area.

There is also the Kelton House Museum & Garden, the Grange Audubon Center, the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, the Central Ohio Fire Museum, the Brewery District, the Thurber House, the Green Lawn Cemetery and so much more. As you can see, you have quite a diversified portfolio of landmark attractions to enjoy as you vacation in Columbus, Ohio.

There is even the Victorian Village. By now, you can tell just how much history is in this beautiful city. Make sure you stop on by the statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger as well. Those are the top landmarks in Columbus, but there are still more to visit if you have the time.