Protect Your Website for $1

Thank you for considering us for your website security.

We know, $1 sounds too good to be true for website security, right?

Well we’re here to overdeliver value and what we’ve learned over the last 5 years working on websites is it’s actually really easy to protect your website.

So easy, it’s actually free, the plugins we use that is.

But, learning what plugins work the best, which ones have the right combination of settings, that’s taken us some time to figure out.

In fact, we’ve made over $20,000 on both fixing hacked WordPress websites and setting up security on others.

So why all of a sudden $1?


Because we’re tired.

Tired of people getting hacked. Tired of seeing business owners lose their minds over what’s happening.

Tired of fixing hacked websites and recovering them.

Tired of websites being ransomed back to business owners because of negligence.


Sure, it puts money in our pocket to help fix sites but we’d rather see businesses spend money to grow their business instead of wasting it on things that can easily be avoided.


Now, is this a 100% guarantee you will never be hacked, never ever ever? No.

But in the 5 years we’ve been using this setup, not 1 of our websites has been hacked and this can save you thousands of dollars.

And we can beef up the security if your that concerned that $1 is too good to be true.

It’ll inconvenience you every time you need to log onto your site, but you know it’s safe and protected.


If your interested, please fill out our form below and please pay the minimal $1.00 (one dollar) fee for us to begin.

And if you’d like to chat to get to know us before, you know, you give us your login information…, we’d actually prefer that.

Click the buy now button below then the gray “pay with debit or credit card” if you do not have a Paypal account.

Let’s chat and get to work.



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