SEO Project – Progressive Trucking

Progressive Commercial logo

We were brought in as a third-party consultant to help review the Progressive Trucking website, how to optimize it better, and provide potential topics that the website could dive into to bring in more traffic to the website.

  1. Duplicate content – When we originally started the project, the company had 2 websites that were completely identical to eachother, and This is a huge mistake as these two websites constantly “fought” with each other for rankings and eventually, Google didn’t rank either of them in the top results. Our recommendation was to choose one of these versions or move all of the content to, the website that was primarily ranking well for commercial trucking insurance. Eventually, this was the chosen decision, to move everything to the progressive commercial domain.
  2. Website Speed – This website was very image heavy, had a lot of sliders and animations. All of these “fancy details” were extra code the website had to load, slowing the website down. It registered a 20 in Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool. Our recommendation was to compress images and reduce animations to speed up the website.
  3. Content – We were given a list of competitors whom the company thought was creating good content and we reverse-engineered the content they had to create a list of 50 blog topics that were both valuable to the user but were also topics that could convert into sales. Our thought was to target various CDL and licensing keywords as these are typically new drivers who’ve never had to purchase commercial trucking insurance before. If those users land on the website to find information about how to get a CDL, ways to pass your CDL test, ways to get experience as a CDL driver, and more, then these “newly licensed” drivers may choose Progressive as their insurance company. We also identified that these blog posts would bring in customers that would be ideal for retargeting ads as well.


The client thoroughly enjoyed our presentation, found it extremely valuable and insightful, and was very appreciative of our review.

Unfortunately, our project stopped after this analysis phase as they would have their internal marketing team and developers take the lead from there. Whether the action was taken by the company to perform the updates and build the content was out of our control.

Both and are no longer live years after we performed this review so ultimately it looks like the company went in a different direction.