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We were brought in as a consultant for Commprise in July of 2020 to help their IT and managed service business get more visibility in Google. Unfortunately, in our initial review, the company was literally invisible, with only 1 keyword and zero traffic going to the website. Commprise Inc Ahrefs metrics 8-22-20

With the help of a 3rd party company, the website was redesigned and we SEO optimized it to improve their visibility in search. We targeted various service industries that they provide services for in addition to identifying local keywords relating to IT and managed services in their city of Hartford, CT. We also performed plenty of link building and helped a writer with blogging to target business owners, CIO’s, and IT managers who may be looking for managed services.

During our campaign, we ended up getting them into the top 5 results for major keywords like “managed it services, managed it” and more, which had thousands of searches while also ranking for local keywords with “hartford” in them, although many were very low volume due to the keywords being more B2B focused (less searchers than B2C) and a small population within the city.

At it’s peak, the website ranked for about 750 keywords and generated about 180 visits per month. The numbers are a little off as they moved some of the content to a subdomain in April of 2022 which is why you see the traffic numbers drop off significantly in search console just after 3/30/22

Commprise Google Search console metrics April 2021 thru August 2022Commprise Ahrefs metrics 10-1-21Commprise local IT keywords