SEO Project – Buckeye Clinic Addiction Recovery

We were approached by the owner of Buckeye Clinic as they wanted to have their local business show up higher in the search results. When we first started working with them, they had been working with RevLocal who purchased the domain “” and was marketing that website, instead of their own domain, This is a “scam tactic” that RevLocal uses to “build properties they own” instead of the client website.

At the time, both websites had a total of 19 keywords the website was ranking for and only two organic traffic visits per month.

In addition, the client had previously had very spammy work done to the Buckeye Clinic website. There were many pages with under 200 words on them, extremely heavy use of keywords and sentences that didn’t even make sense. The company’s rankings were “stuck” below #30 which looked like a penalty from Google that was going to need to be cleaned up.

Initial Buckeye Clinic Ahrefs metrics

Initial Dublin Addiction Clinic Ahrefs metrics

We had to wait ~3 months for the RevLocal contract to run out before we could get started.

Over a 6 month period, we:

  • built out a brand new SEO-optimized website for them including homepages, about, locations, and more.
  • built out service pages targeting the appropriate types of addition, the company’s processes, and how to begin treatment.
  • built branded links and additional posts to help improve the power of their website (number 1 or 2 ranking factor in Google)
  • wrote a series of blog posts about addiction and how the company could help their users.
  • optimized their Google My Business account to get found for addiction services

It took about 4 months for the “penalty” to wear off as Google had to crawl all of the new pages on the website, find all the links we built, and determine this company is no longer “spammy” in Google’s eyes. The website went from having nearly zero keywords, no traffic, and no top rankings to over 450 keywords getting visibility, currently 455 visits per month (~750 at it’s peak) and 23 in the Top 3 spots for their local business keywords.

Buckeye Clinic Ahrefs metrics 8-24-22Buckeye Clinic traffic and rankings overview

suboxone SEO keywords for Buckeye Clinic