Spy on Your Competition’s Keywords and Backlinks

Picasso once said “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

The great thing about the internet is your competition is only a click of the mouse away for you reverse engineer (not steal) their website and marketing.

Think about this for one second: if your currently rank #30, for example, and you mimic what #1 is doing, do you think your rankings will increase?

That’s the BEAUTY of SEO!

Why reinvent the wheel when we have nearly infinite websites we can analyze, take bits and pieces from, bolt them onto your website, and continually push your website up in the search results?

Our SEO starts with three simple steps:

  1. Analyze your website
  2. Analyze your competitor’s websites
  3. Begin building <– MOST IMPORTANT STEP

Can this information be found elsewhere online?


There are hundreds of tools and videos online to use that can help you with SEO. EVERYTHING about SEO is on the internet.

We’d be lying if we said it couldn’t be and that’s why we are different.

We’re transparent about everything we do in SEO.

No hiding our “process”. No shady tactics. No BS.

Just the facts (which some about your website you may not like…).

SEO is a matter of having the knowledge, knowing what to look for, using findings to create a strategy and executing.

In this competitor spy analysis, we are going to:

  • record a quick 3-5 minute video
  • provide you with a Google doc of Competitor keywords and backlinks (see below)
  • help you better understand your competitions page 1 strategy
example competitor spy analysis spreadsheet

If you’re interested in what your competitors are doing, spend $1.00 to learn more in 5 minutes than you’ve ever known before:

Competitor Spy Analysis

  • Format: http://www.website.com
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