About Us

Alex Furfaro SEO Consulting is a leading search engine marketing agency based in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our systematic approach produces long lasting results by creating a digital fortress around your website. With a combination of industry standard best practices and innovative out of the box solutions we’ve had profound success ranking in some of the most competitive environments. Our panel of SEO specialists have massive international success by taking a proactive, progressive approach to understand Search Engine Optimization.

Reputation is fundamental to the success of our company. Growing up in a family-owned business Alex experienced first-hand the value of your word and a handshake. He recognizes providing affordable solutions with an excellent return on investment is essential to every bottom line. After success in the corporate engineering world managing multi-million dollar projects, Alex discovered his passion for entrepreneurship online in Search Engine Optimization. His technical engineering background blended with his family business upbringing is a unique mesh of experiences that is one of a kind. Alex embraces his past and present to be a genuine, hard working small business while creating the leveraged success of a Fortune 500 corporation.

Image of Alex Furfaro, Owner of Alex Furfaro SEO Consulting

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